Great Friend of the Pod.
  • Usually reserved for fans of the broadcast, guests on the show, or guests MiB would really like to have on the show.
  • Used also as "Great Friends of the Pod."
  • Also used in association with the weekly email newsletter, which is now called The Raven (7/15/14).
  • Alternate definition: Great Friend of the Pie. (source: Conor McLaughlin on Facebook 2/13/13)
  • The unofficial Twitter hashtag: #GFOP
  • On the 9/4/13 pod discussion was had as to how to recognize and/or identify #GFOP at game watches (e.g. "Are you holding this table for Barry Hearn?" "I'd shake your hand but I have a dodgy flapper" or the announcement of any "Shass" seen during a match). The replies on Facebook were numerous and hilarious.

Header used in the GFOP newsletter.
Header used in the GFOP newsletter.

During the 2014 World Cup, the lads also communicated by live video using ESPN. Thus the phrase Great Friend of the Vlog or GFOV began.