The First Annual BlazerCon

BlazerCon was motivated by a desire to create a forum where the best global football minds could engage directly with an audience of Americans from across the nation who have fallen truly, madly,deeply in love with the game.

We wanted to create a place where they could express their passion, and collectively explore the rapidly changing face of the sport we all adore. One that would enable us to evade the traditional numbness of a FIFA International Break by communing with football fans and GFOPs from across the United States and reveling in the game that has been "America's Sport of the Future since 1972."

Now that future has come to pass.

By day, BlazerCon will be a content-packed stream of keynotes and panels featuring some of the smartest minds in global and domestic football. By night, we will revel in a pair of MiB Live Shows featuring some of our favorite celebrities from the worlds of entertainment and US Sports.

If you have been gripped by "the fever," we very much hope you will join us.

There will be Football. There will be Beer. There will be Pies.

BlazerCon finale 2015.jpg-large

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