The gesticulation of the future, or inappropriate gesture given to opposing sides and players.
  • When given as a single-fisted sign, it's meant to be a substitute for actually calling someone a wanker.
  • When given as a double-fisted sign, it's meant as the ultimate insult.
  • And then there's this lad, who turns out to be an actual wanker and is escorted off the field. (source:
  • Not generally used just outside of Portland, OR, at Wanker's Corner Saloon.
Source: Men In Blazers
Source: Men In Blazers

How to:
  • Pretend to be holding something cucumber sized
  • Make a jerking motion
  • Have an aggressive face

Usage: Sticks and stones may break my bones but wanker signs will never hurt me. From December 12, 2011.

Discussed in pod on November 9, 2011.