external image tumblr_mbzquqZ5Nl1r2xls3o1_1280.jpgAffectionate term coined by MIB for the iconic Ian Darke.
  • Poet laureate of American soccer (Davo, 7/14/2011 pod)
  • Broadcaster, regular guest and role model.
  • Most famous resident of Portsmouth, England and owner of Tess Darke, Labrador who received her own Twitter account after being mentioned on the pod.
  • Drives the same model Lexus as Bob Ley.
  • Sometimes shares the screen with Roger.
  • Aficionado of great American beer.
  • Perspicacious Prognosticator of Pugilism.
  • Worst fear: Snakes (00:52 in 10/23/2013 pod). He can't even watch them on TV or films. Most fearful of rattlesnakes on the round-a-bouts in Las Vegas. NOTE: Not spiders, as Rog incorrectly (but lovingly!) asserted (00:02 in 11/6/2013 pod).

Has appeared on the pod: November 23, 2011, September 5, 2012, May 8, 2013 and November 6, 2013.