A weekly free podcast from the Crap Part of Soho in New York City, hosted by Michael Davies and Roger Bennett.
  • It began on June 8, 2010 as "Off The Ball" on ESPN (which you can hear on Track 1 of the Men In Blazers Unbuttoned album).
  • It moved on [date] to the Grantland podcast feed at "Men In Blazers" on ESPN.
  • They secured their own Grantland podcast feed on [date].
  • On 8/10/2014, The Lads announced a new deal with NBC that will include a weekly Monday night show on NBC Sports and contributions to radio, TV and written pieces for the network's various outlets (source: Wall Street Journal, more details: Pro Soccer Talk).

Referred to as "The Pod" or the active verb "podding" when the lads record. Anybody who listens or contributes significantly becomes a "Great Friend of The Pod" (GFOP).

They currently broadcast from their panic room inside the New York City headquarters of Embassy Row Studios.

Photo shoot for Eight By Eight Magazine.
Photo shoot for Eight By Eight Magazine.

Engineered originally by Producer Greg and later by Associate Producer Alex with help from Engineer Colmar and Producer Chris.

A NY Times article "At World Cup, Two Unknowns Are Surprise Stars" 6/25/14 can be found here
From the article (font intentional)

"Their broadcasts are whimsical, even goofy. They taste-test “World Cupcakes” frosted in the colors of the opposing teams to predict the winner, a methodology they insist is just as accurate as Nate Silver’s statistical models. Like HBO’s John Oliver, they have a self-deprecating sensibility: They call their commentary “suboptimal ramblings.”
For sports fans of a certain age, the casual repartee between Mr. Davies and Mr. Bennett is reminiscent of the days when Dan Patrick and Keith Olbermann anchored a more free-form version of ESPN’s “SportsCenter.” For nonsports fans, the closest analogue is probably the NPR show “Car Talk.”
Over the years, the two have invented a “Men in Blazers” vocabulary, which can be a bit confusing for new listeners. A “shass” is a shot that’s so weak it turns into a pass. A “raven” is an email from a fan, a reference to “Game of Thrones.”