A squad of non-professional footballers & GFOPs who have day jobs, drawn from 3,000 applications.
  • Created in 2013, when MiB contacted the San Marino National Football Team for a match (see letter below)
  • Motto: Passion. Respect. Airmiles.
  • Colors: TBD
  • Manager: Warren Barton (from the 4/12/2013 SirusXM show)
  • First match: Proposed for August 2013 against Leyton-Orient, owned by GFOP Barry Hearn (never occurred).
  • Mascot: Warpigs
  • Sponsors: TBD (e.g. Boddingtons Pub Ale, Pukka Pies)
  • Ultras: 1972 Ravens
  • Song: War Pigs Never Surrender, by Team DJ Joe Beauprez
  • According to Rog: "...if you play for MiB National Team, you ARE Cap-tied, and will not be able to play for the USMNT in future." (source: Twitter)

The leading mascot design by GFOP Donovan Brien, the official artist of the national team.
external image 935260_513941658668831_1652322428_n.jpg

The leading kit design is from GFOP Trevor Ede, featuring warpig Kyle Becker, man.

external image tumblr_mlatp8hevU1r2xls3o1_1280.jpg

Other possible kits for the MIB National Team can be found here and here

external image tumblr_mc5agbDs7v1r2xls3o1_1280.jpg external image tumblr_mc5dj763Ra1r2xls3o1_500.jpg

Below is the letter sent from the Crap Part of Soho to La Serenissimia.

external image 525758_480386728690991_1507842159_n.jpg

On April 29, 2013, the National Anthem for the MIB National Teamwas released and credited to GFOP Joe Beauprez. It is a mix of "Black Sabbath's War Pigs" and "some old bloke talking"