The Annual Holiday Pantomime party hosted by Men In Blazers at Joe's Pub in New York City.

The original description: "In honor of the holiday season, your Men In Blazers return to Joe's Pub to revel in mistletoe, holly, brandy, Hanukkah candles, and football, football, football. There will be guests, there will be carols. We may even get a choir. All Great Friends of the Pod are invited, whether they have been naughty or nice. Dress Code: Black Tie meets Full Kit Wanker."

It included the first carol competition: "Who doesn't love a good Carol, hey? Help us celebrate the holiday season by penning a football-centric tune to your favorite seasonal song… in the style of "Springtime for DiCanio" connected to any football narrative – be it the Premier League, USMNT, World Cup, Sepp Blatter. Match it to your favorite carol or song of any faith and we will have a FULL CHOIR SING IT live on Stage, Andrew Lloyd Webber style."

  • A Storify page captured many of the images, tweets and videos published by GFOPs who attended.
  • The night featured Rebecca Lowe and Alexi Lalas.
  • The hashtag #MIBpanto was used throughout the night on Twitter and Instagram.
  • The entire evening was recorded as a pod.

This was the 2013 poster.

external image BagJvJtCIAArHji.jpg:large
Some Post Holiday Panto Tweets summed up the evening for the MIB and #GFOPs