Coined by Rog on the 8/26/14 pod (35:30) for Davo's favorite England player on Tottenham Hotspur, Eric Dier.
  • Dier is the nephew of a mate of Davo's (8/18/14 pod, 38:12) and has been following Dier at Sporting Lisbon, Everton and now Spurs.
  • Dier was raised in Portugal since the age of 10 and went through youth academies before joining Sporting Lisbon.
  • After Dier's 93' winning goal to beat West Ham in the opening game, Davo noted: "All English strikers come through in the clutch, as long as they are defenders raised in Portugal."
  • In their preview to the 2014-2015 season, The Lads named Dier as their man to watch.
  • After Dier's second goal in as many games in 2014 vs QPR, Davo was inspired to coin the term strufender.

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