Cosmic Kite was referenced by Rog on the 4/21/14 SiriusXM show as something an Argentinian TV announcer referenced during a World Cup match against England. Davo believes Rog got it wrong in translation.

Rog wrote about it for his ESPNFC column on April 22, 2014

Four minutes later, while the English were still reeling, he scored a goal that even a deity would struggle to replicate. A spectacular 60-meter display of the gambetta, the Argentinian art of dribbling, in which the player propelled himself “like a little eel” past six England players, the last two of whom desperately tried to take out the man rather than the ball. After witnessing the feat, the startled Argentinian commentator could only proclaim, “Good god! Long live football! Cosmic Kite, what planet do you come from?”