verb. to charge both forwards and backwards, playing both offense and defense, usually in the right back position: Micah Richards just cherundoloed up the pitch.

First discussed in pod on October 26, 2011.

Can be broken into two separate verbs.
  • Cherun: To run up the pitch in an attacking manner. He cheruns all the way from his penalty box into the other teams penalty box to try to get his head on a cross.
  • Dolo: To sprint back from the attacking third into the defensive third of the pitch to play defense. He can score goals but he always dolos to get back in position.

Named after American footballer Steve Cherundolo of Hannover 96.

Rog thinks "azpilicueta" is spanish for "cherundolo" (after César Azpilicueta), from the 2/12/13 pod.