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Charlie Is A Red is a young Englishman who resides in Greater Manchester, England and is a passionate Manchester United supporter. He is famous for his creation of the phrases "we outpassioned them today" "we played like eleven players who were all best friends" during an interview after a 4-2 United win over City.
The interview is here
Is an invited guest at the inaugural #BlazerCon
Was noted to be the Men In Blazer's Manchester Bureau Chief (1/11/16 pod). Came on the pod around the 25min mark to discuss the current boring state of affairs of Manchester United. Stated that he was going to back the manager "while he's here" Thinks that the team needs to play with passion and motivation. "For the badge on the front instead of the name on the back." Is still hoping for a top 3 finish or within that radius.
Went to Anfield for the first time on January 17th, 2016 where the result was forgettable for some
Tweets at @__CharlieisaRed__