Former manager of Swansea, current manager of Liverpool.
  • Came of age during "Being Liverpool" (review). Man lover of former Liverpool player Jonjo Shelvey. Smallest hands in association football.
  • MiB frequently mentions the scene where he claims to have three envelopes, each with the name of a person who will "let us down this year" at Liverpool.
  • He has "tiny little sausage fingers" according to Rog.
  • It was revealed on the 9/18/13 "Night of 1000 Stars" podcast that it was former Liverpool player Jonjo Shelvey's name that was in all three envelopes (Jonjo had a role in all four goals in a 2-2 tie between Swansea and Liverpool)
  • Was nicknamed "The Brodge" by Noel Gallagher.

Unconfirmed rumours have Brendan Rodgers' twitter account as @brendanrodgrsok

Envelope face.
Envelope face.