A video created by ESPN featuring two proper football fans living on either side of Manchester, England.

Roger found and posted it on Facebook on 12/07/2012, right before the Manchester United vs Manchester City derby on 12/09/2012, saying, "This is brilliant. ESPN get English swears on air in this Manchester football ad that resembles a certain hip hop video we have come to love..."

List of words, in order (usually prefaced with "right" or "proper"):
  • fake - a person who appears otherwise than he/she actually is
  • moppet - a foolish person
  • git - an absent-minded or naive person
  • divvy - a stupid person, a simpleton
  • minger - an unattractive or malodorous person
  • billy-no-mates - someone without friends
  • fit bird - a hot/attractive woman
  • sitting on his tod - on his own; alone
  • plonker - an absent-minded, or naive person. A person prone to making mistakes.