The prize for exceptional contributions from GFOPs, frequently the result of writing an "I Testify" raven read aloud on the pod. In December 2013, they became available by purchasing a Holiday Survival Kit.

The Latin at the bottom of the crest says Men In Blazers in Latin or its closest approximate, "Correctly Dressed Men." (or if you prefer, and given the recent all German Champions League final its apropos to say "Korrekt Gekleidete Männer" - unclear when the German patch goes into production)

As both Roger and Michael support teams that play in blue, it is the subject of some debate as whom the red blazer symbolizes. Nevertheless, Michael has always postulated that you are either a red team or a blue team; there is no inbetween. He can't understand teams that combine the two colors together (e.g. Barcelona, Crystal Palace, FC Basel).

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