Pronounced Becker, man. The actual name of Real Salt Lake defending midfielder and Von Trapp, Kyle Beckerman.

  • Credited with Von Trapp wins over Jamaica with his ability to sneak into their locker room.
  • Terror at Table Tennis
  • Coined during the 2/27/2103 pod where Becker, man, was interviewed.
  • Davo referred to him as Senator Kyle Beckerman on the 11/25/2013 SiriusXM FC show.
  • Kyle Beckerman is destined to have a statue erected of him in his hometown of Crofton, Maryland after the USMNT wins the 2014 World Cup (source 12/9/13 SiriusXM show)

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During the 2014 World Cup, the lads asked that Kyle Beckerman's nickname change from warpig, because the US took on Belgium in the second round. The winner was Brian Coe, as announced on the Boot Room Extra #16.