Arlo White

a/k/a Lord Arlo of White

Semi-frequent pod guest. Leicester City fan. Former Seattle Sounders announcer. Chicago Bears fan. Currently the Voice of NBC Premier League games, Knows Coach Ted Lasso.

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On the 9/6/13 SiriusXM show, Lord Arlo White also confirmed his allegiance to the Chicago Bears - shared by Rog.

On the 5/9/14 SiriusXM show Davo stated that Mark Morrison's "Return of the Mack" was one of the greatest songs and is only played on the show when Arlo White guests

11/12/14 pod - Davo stated that the GDOP's full name is "Stoneridge Arlo Black" Davo's father is upset with the GDOP's name because it violates his rule for naming dogs (must start with a consonant).

Referred to as Lord Arlo of the North by Rog on the 7/23/15 pod with John Green. Also on that pod the "coal mining" analogy made a surprise appearance due to the wisdom of fathers with colors as surnames

On the 8/5/15 pod noted that broadcasting partner Lee Dixon is a "negative Scrabble player" in that he obtains a lead and then plays defensively. Rog called it "parking the bus in Scrabble"

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From Wikipedia

Arlo White is an English sports presenter and commentator, originally from Leicester. He is the lead play-by-play voice of NBC Sports' live coverage of the Premier League in the United States.

A wonderful 8/12/15 article on Lord Arlo can be found at
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