Legendary US defender and ginger rock star from Michigan (which was his highest accolade from the coach when introduced to his college team, explained in pod on October 18, 2012).
  • Tweets @alexilalas
  • Bio (Wikipedia)
  • Former President or GM for multiple MLS teams.
  • Current TV-analyst.
  • Can grow a beautiful ginger moustache that has its own Twitter account.
  • Davo has proclaimed Alexi as an MLS exceptionalist (source 8/29/13 pod)
  • Is a fan of the "Windsor Ballet" (SiriusXM show 1/10/14)
  • Was brought to tears by Rog and Davo when describing the 1994 World Cup at the 5/30/14 Men In Blazers On Broadway show

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With respect to the "Windsor Ballet"