On the 6/10/13 SiriusXM show Rog and Davo proclaimed that the U.S. had already won the 2014 World Cup.
Davo suggested displaying the trophy at the Bubba Gump restaurant in New York's Times Square.
Later in the same show, Davo and Rog revealed that they had written a book detailing the US Men's National Team's triumph at the 2014 World Cup entitled "March to Triumph" Later in the same broadcast Rog apparently renamed the book and called it "March to Glory"

Highlights from the 2014 World Cup broadcasts

"Paul Carr Blows your mind! Say Paul Carr blows your mind!" is sung when ESPN producer Paul Carr @PCarrESPN arrives in the Bob Ley Panic Room to provide statistics (but no music) designed to blow the minds of Davo and Rog. (the tune to which the song is sung sounds suspiciously like "Rapper's Delight" by the Sugar Hill Gang) and the recent addition of this remix version of "Paul Carr Blows Your Mind"

The Lads celebrating after the US qualified out of Group G.
The Lads celebrating after the US qualified out of Group G.

Credit: @SethAder and all at #ESPN Marketing.
Credit: @SethAder and all at #ESPN Marketing.

6/16/14 pod highlights

it was revealed that the citizens of Brazil love the musical stylings of Phil Collins. Rog is not pleased.

"World Cup of Scoring Too Early" - Rog

"Its the World Cup of Nipples" - Rog

"The Uruguayan shirts are so tight its almost like they are being worn inside their flesh" - Davo

Davo discussed the size of Brazilian bananas. Rog described him as obsessed with them, It was speculated that Brazilians who visit America are simply blown away by the size of American bananas. Rog called the Brazilian bananas "the little horse of bananas"

Discussion of #WetHerrera and Rog declared that Herrera was the love child of Pete Rose and Chris Farley

Davo stated that he would get a tattoo if the US advanced out of group play. Rog stated he would become an American citizen.

The Men In Blazers Instagram account was disclosed

6/19/14 pod highlights

It was stated that the podcast was being taped in Bob Ley's Panic room in the crap part of Her Name is Rio

#Tiricoism was proselytized

"Super Julie Foudy"

Discussion of a drinking "sesh/sess" (Davo's term)

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